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Promote employee physical, mental and emotional health through asana classes, meditations and various breathing techniques. Incorporating mindfulness practices and yoga classes in the workforce is known for its ability to reduce stress, boost self-confidence and increase productivity, making it a rewarding and uplifting way to invest in the health and wellness of your employees and your business.

I work with you to identify your goals, workplace needs, environment and plan yoga classes around your space and budget. Classes are tailored to suit all fitness levels, physical limitations and group sizes. No previous experience is required. Free consultation, inquire here.


Please get in touch in order for me to address your questions and concerns directly. There are various types of Yoga and we can definitely select which would best suit your specific needs.

Please note that no prior experience is required and practices are dynamic, integrative and adaptable.

Yoga is suitable for all ages, physical conditions and fitness levels.  

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Mindful meditative practices for focus on productivity and clarity of mind. Meditation is known to be a key tool when dealing with stress and anxiety. A regular practice will assist with achieving better work-life balance and greater overall well-being.

Yoga Class Participants


Quick lunch break uplift, pre-work boost or post-work relaxation. Choose from a wide variety of styles and teachings, oriented on your team's goals, from energising vinyasa, to relaxing meditative classes for stress management, focused on physical ailments specific to each class and student. Click here for more information on various styles or contact me for a free consultation. 

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Looking for a different way off reinforcing team spirit and creating solid foundations in your team? Why not try various yogic team building activities such as partner yoga, focused on trust, confidence and resilience or even laughter yoga for a great stress relief, uplifting and unique experience. 

Opt for inclusive short or long term programs with workshops and seminars.

Get in touch for a specially made program

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