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Do you wish to incorporate mindfulness into your environment? Do you wish to create and implement conscious daily habits? 

  Designed to introduce, teach and transmit practical skills, techniques or ideas, each and everyone of these events will be carefully orchestrated around your very specific needs. Workshops are short programs intended on educating participants on healthy, positive, mindful habits that can easily be integrated into a daily routine. Seminars are longer programs designed to immerse the participant into yogic knowledge to reinforce mindfulness. Retreats are designed to integrate information at a peaceful and relaxing rhythm. 

Participants will be fully involved in the learning process through discussions, activities & exercises and will be given the opportunity to fully integrate concepts and topics shared.

A perfect way to fully honour the balance of excitement and calm, inner stillness and dynamic motion, activity and acceptance.


Designed and organised uniquely for you. Inquire here

All inclusive options may include catering, professional photographer and more!

Image by Erik Brolin


Seminars, educational programs, progressive sessions, all created to meet your needs and expectations.

Image by Anupam Mahapatra


Workshops or day retreats aim to inspire and take participants deeper within specific areas of yoga. 

Image by Geert Pieters


Wether it be for a week end or a week long getaway, various wellness retreats can be organised and designed around your time, budget and expectations.

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