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Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.                                                                ~ Roald Dahl


I am so happy you are here, thank you!


I'm Jessica Della.

Forever student, passionate teacher and happy Yogi. 

I have been introduced to yogic sciences almost a decade ago and have since then integrated this ancient knowledge as a way of life.


Yoga and it's infinite mindful practices have transformed my life in uttermost magical ways and my wish is to share these teachings with you. My greatest joy is to facilitate the process of becoming a bestest version of the Self and help others experience magic within.

It's simple, the more I teach, share and spread, the more I learn, gain and grow.

For the past ten years, I have been practicing, teaching and sharing  with individuals, families, large groups, small groups and corporate events for many different purposes: from injury recovery, anxiety and stress management, muscle building, mindfulness ... to gentle practices for the simple pleasure of stretching deeply. I have taught at yoga studios, resorts, private events as well as private companies, high schools and community centers in Australia, Canada and India.

I have completed in-depth study to offer the highest Australian and world wide standards of teaching; 

- Certified RYT200 Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga, Mathatitu Yoga Ashram, Kerala, South India

- Certified RYT500, RYT300 & RYT200 (Cert4) Purna yoga, Byron Yoga Centre in Byron Bay, Australia. This is the highest level of qualification.

- Cert3 Fitness Instruction, Gold Coast, Australia

- Bachelor of Business Administration | B.A.A Development, Events, Tourism, University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada

- Ongoing qualifications; naturopathy, yoga anatomy, breath work. 

I am always learning something new, updating and perfecting my skills.

I am passionate about growth, personal development and Self mastery. 

I have acquired in-depth knowledge that I desire to share with you, your employees, friends and families. 

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